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Tuesday May 1st 2018: Meat


Meat. We eat it, we farm it, we love it, we hate it. Australia is currently one of the world leaders in the export of commercial livestock and yet is simultaneously the third fastest growing vegan consumer market globally. The topic of meat production and consumption carries many considerations: jobs, economy, health, ethics, the environment, culture and more. What impact is the growing rise of veganism having on the Australian economy? What are the health impacts of a meat-based diet? How does meat production contribute to climate change? What are our ethical obligations to our fellow animals?

Join us at the Brisbane Powerhouse on May 1st to take part in a robust community discussion around the ethics and implications of the meat industry. Our panelists will bring diverse expertise and strong opinions as we bite into this topic from all angles. Following the panel debate will be an open Q&A session with the audience, giving you the opportunity to ask the meaty questions that most matter to you.

Politics in the Pub is a FREE, Q&A style debate which tackles the most pressing contemporary issues for both Australia and the world.


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