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Tuesday August 28th 2018: Meat


Does the future of our roads look anything like the present? With a growing population and fast advancing technologies, it is necessary to regard our current transport systems with an eye to the future. What investments in technology and infrastructure should we be focusing on? What will the future of our roads look like in terms of safety, sustainability, and speed?

Join us at the Brisbane Powerhouse of August 28th to take part in a conversation about transport, technology, and the future of our roads. The event will include a panel discussion from experts followed by an open Q&A session with the audience.

Panel will include:

Andrew Demack – Bicycle Queensland
Keith Pitt MP – Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister (Infrastructure and Transport)
Pr Michael Milford – Science and Engineering, QUT
Matthew Berini – Australian Road Research Board

Additional panellists to be announced before event.

Politics in the Pub is a FREE, Q&A style debate which tackles the most pressing contemporary issues for both Australia and the world.

Admission is free, but we would appreciate you registering your interest in attending via Eventbrite.

Feel free to join the conversation and community with our Facebook event.


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